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The instructors here are more than teachers, they are world class people. They are some of the most compassionate, honest, dedicated people I have ever had the pleasure to know in my life. They have helped me to become a better person, more attentive in my own life and more rich in character.

Of course I’ve learned self-defense and how to protect myself and my family but along the way that almost became secondary to the personal growth and journey of the spirit I have gone through and been guided through by these amazing leaders.

- Travis M.

So many great qualities about this school!! First, both Master Kreischer and Instructor Greenwell are fantastic teachers. The classes are amazing… both instructors take the time to help you perfect your technique on anything you do.

This school is my family since I’m away from home! Everyone is super friendly and the black belts are a lot of help!

- Hannah S.

Fantastic school. The instructors are extremely attentive to each students needs and very supportive and encouraging. More importantly they have created an atmosphere of welcoming and respect. The students are very kind and supportive. You immediately are welcomed as one of the group and as a peer from day one.

I began attending East West as just a way to get in shape, but attending class has become an important part of my life and I truly miss the class and people when I can’t attend. Try it out. You won’t regret it.

- Kevin E.